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If you aren't measuring it...

Welcome to Fig River Consulting

At Fig River Consulting we help businesses take control over their marketing and sales to get predictable expansion

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What issues do we address?

  • Not having a system to track incoming leads and sales follow up

  • Losing sales due to improper follow up on leads

  • Wasting money on marketing without being able to tell what is working and what isn't

  • Staff complaining about unqualified leads or not enough leads 

Who do we service?

1. Businesses that spend money on marketing that want to track exactly how much money they are getting back from those marketing efforts. 

2. Anyone looking to increase sales from their existing leads

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After an initial review of your lead tracking and sales process we'll put together a custom plan to get you the best results with the below services

Implementing Lead Management Software

Get your software implemented and set up to follow best practices and able to generate the data you need to manage your marketing and sales

Sales Consulting

Improve your follow up and sales process to increase sales from existing leads

Analytics and Review

Review your Marketing and Sales efforts and find out where to double down on what's working and what to correct to get great results 

"Working with Michael as a consultant for our Lead management has been enlightening for sure. He has helped our team stay accountable with our sales, leads and tracking system. He has helped us identify areas in sales and marketing that needed to be tweaked and was 100% on point! Anytime we had a question, he was always available. Michael is a gem to work with! We HIGHLY recommend Michael at FigRiver Consulting! " - D.G.

Alexa Young, CA


(615) 379-9309

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